Our Mission and Passion

We are committed to the study, practice, and experience of emergent creativity for relevant business results and positive social transformation. We are stewards of the new paradigm of creative, generative, conscious work that simultaneously serves the self, others and the good of the whole.

Our mission is to evoke organizational systems, and the people within them, to life – to become engaged, enlivened and energized – for greater enjoyment, engagement, meaning and effectiveness. We help foster the ways of being, thinking, strategizing and acting that set the stage for new levels of creativity to emerge and the system to evolve to its next level. Our passion is to first unleash, and then purposely focus, the creativity in an individual and system into an innovative culture and develop the new structures that can sustain it.

The Core Assumptions Informing Our Work

• Everyone is creative and simply needs the right conditions to access that infinite well.
• Focused creativity is not separate from the bottom line, but a major factor in contributing to it.
• Next-level innovative solutions require new levels of being as well as thinking.
• Comfort with change increases with consistent practice entering unfamiliar territory in non-habitual ways.
• People can transform their experience of uncertainty from one of fear to one of discovery.
• Creative thinking skyrockets motivation and breeds more relevant and successful contribution.
• With safe cocreating, a group collective intelligence takes over and the “whole exceeds the sum of its parts.”

The Creative Emergence Process is Paradoxical

 “Impractical” methods to achieve practical solutions
 Multiple dimensions of activity to achieve focused results
 Methodically practicing spontaneous creativity
Going into the unfamiliar to better utilize the familiar

How We Work

We synthesize different disciplines to help organizations thrive in the paradigm of innovation, invention and expression we are now in. We use an integrative body of knowledge, tools, experiential wisdom and our Creative Emergence Process. Believing that people will expand into their environment, we integrate multiple dimensions of creative experience into all of our work. These processes accelerate learning and development by whole-brain, whole-person creating with a focus on inspired, practical results.

Our Whole Brain Approach Includes:   

• Asking you novel questions   
• Listening to you - what is underneath
• Ideating, designing and establishing the creativity and innovation "container"
• Engaging you in the process of discovery and emergence

Drawing out your next-level solutions from you - using lively whole-brain creative processes
• Supporting you in implementing your solutions
• Coming back and supporting you in evolving those solutions

 We take our clients through the Divergence and Convergence of the creative process in novel and fun ways!



Working at Intersections

Creativity happens at intersections. We work with you at the intersections of personal and organizational goals; what exists and what's emerging; internal drive and external responsibility; thinking and feeling; passion and purpose; and reflection and action.

Beyond Linear-only Thinking

It is not enough to analytically understand creative methods and principles to be able to enact them. To become a generative, innovative, change-centered organization requires the real life experience and embodiment of these new ways of thinking, perceiving, creating and being.

Integrated and Customized

Our process is informed by research and experience in the fields of creativity and innovation, depth and positive psychology, human and group dynamics, organizational development, complexity sciences, integral theory, archetypes, systems thinking, community building, NLP, appreciative and Socratic inquiry, somatic intelligence, improvisational theater, the arts, accelerated learning, movement, storytelling, mythology and real-time experience. We use “left-brain” analytical methods combined with “right-brain” visual and kinesthetic approaches. Based on your goals, we assemble the team best suited for you. It may be one person or more. We get to know you and your situation - that determines who serves you and how.