Breakthrough Thinking

Breakthrough Thinking During Times of Change:
Gaining Focus, Clarity, and Direction
This course is for individuals looking to refine and harness their thinking to produce practical and extraordinary results in their organizations.
Times of change present new opportunities for breakthrough thinking; however, the stress of change can impede positive results and exacerbate uncomfortable feelings that accompany uncertainty. The class combines lecture, experiential learning, and one-on-one coaching to help participants learn not only how to navigate change, but also how to actually use change to increase workplace productively.
Using the 7-step Breakthrough Thinking Model, participants will identify an area needing improvement and institute a process to achieve a set of measurable goals. Specifically, participants will:
  • Identify the attributes of breakthrough thinking
  • Build awareness, foster ability and reinforce a process for breakthrough thinking
  • Learn and practice the 5 components of critical thinking essential in times of consistent change
  • Develop, through experiential learning, a process to accomplish measurable goals
  • Use problem solving techniques with a focus towards "practical creativity" and action-based results; from idea generation to implementation
$795.00. All course materials and lunch the first day is included.

Dates and Times: 
March 8  9:00-5:00  
March 15 1:30-5:00
March 22 1:30-5:00
Contact course leader Michelle James at 703-760-9009.

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