Creative Business Solutions

In this program, participants reconnect with their inherent creativity to assist them in meeting the demands of rapidly changing times. It is an engaging introduction to the process of solving problems originally and effectively, remembering how creative you already are, and feeling more comfortable integrating your creativity into your work and life.

New levels of creativity require a desire for greater depth, growth and change; and a willingness to let go of limiting notions and beliefs about creative potential; and a commitment to being open to new, different, and non-habitual ways of thinking and acting. In addition, it requires an atmosphere of openness, acceptance and teamwork.
Habitual approaches generate habitual solutions. To achieve new solutions means trying new ways to get there.

This program will provide you with immediate, concrete, easy-to-use procedures with which to transform your approach to creativity and problem solving. It will be experiential and practical, and you will come away with processes that you can apply immediately within your work environment to your real issues.


•  Prepare participants for real-time/real-issue problem solving, including idea generation, initiative taking, "imaginating" and visioning, follow through, implementation and modification of ideas generated.
•  Introduce participants to the AIIM Creative Solution Finding model; the 3 P’s of Creativity – Passion, Process and Principles; innovative questioning strategies, attitudes, and behaviors; and whole brain thinking for recognizing and solving problems in novel and engaging ways.
•  Introduce participants to easy, effortless and even fun ways to generate new and innovative ideas, solution development; learning how to apply creativity to any job or project.
•  Raise awareness of the systems-wide impact of innovative solutions; encourage whole systems thinking.
•  Increase effectiveness of group CSF, including determining creating styles and overcoming blocks to creativity.