Creative Facilitation from the Inside-Out

Be at ease creating, improvising, and adapting in the moment.
Design compelling, original content for full-on participant engagement.
Cultivate and trust your creativity - both as facilitator and experience designer.

Saturday, May 27  •  9:30am-4:00pm  •  Washington, DC  


This is an extended version of last year’s Creative, Original Facilitator Workshop - with exciting new additions, and divided into 2 parts:
(1) A full-day workshop with the group focused on you as a creative facilitator, from the inside-out.
(2) A 90-minute follow up personal coaching session (via slype or zoom) to learn and design activities for your specific participants and needs.

After doing a few of these workshops, I found aspects of the program worked for everyone, which will be the focus for the full day workshop - expanded with great new additions. Yes and…since each person’s target audience was so different, we didn’t have enough time for each person to go thoroughly enough into the customized, original design and activities - so I’m adapting. I’m adding the original design part on as a personalized one-to-one coaching session for maximum relevance. 

The main difference in this program is we will spend most of the day focused on your “inner game” for facilitating creativity, with all of the coaching sessions individually focused on designing activities and experiences for your specific participants - giving your originality the spaciousness it deserves!

This workshop is for professional facilitators, trainers, OD practitioners, coaches, consultants, educators, and anyone else who wants to bring more of your self, your creativity, and your originality into your facilitation and activity design in meaningful ways. This program focuses on YOU as a uniquely creative individual - how you show up, your presence, your way of being -  and then using your creativity to create compelling, original, engaging content for your participants. Effectively getting groups to open to experiential creative approaches begins increasing your comfort, ease, and flexibility with your own creativity...and owning it! :-)

"Michelle has a delightful ability to coach, teach and transform her audience all in one workshop. From the first moment to the closing activity, we absorbed her teachings in a way that will improve and inspire our own facilitation abilities." ~ Linda Warren, 2016 workshop participant

In the workshop you'il experience a variety of vibrant whole-brain activities based in archetypes, storytelling, theater/improv, imagery, movement, accelerated learning, ritual, inquiry, and applied creativity methods for:

•  feeling more naturally authentic with a group; and leading with different parts of yourself as needed
   - not from one static way of being 
•  being a more creative, adaptive, original, resilient, engaging, and fun facilitator and experience designer
•  feeling more confident and comfortable thinking and creating on your feet in the moment
•  discovering, owning, and applying your unique creative gifts, skills, and talents
•  meeting the unexpected as a game and bouncing back light heartedly when things go awry
•  letting go of controls and mindsets that otherwise inhibit your creative thinking and a group’s potential
•  having fun - and making things fun for others
•  designing and create original, captivating content and experiences (coaching session)

Learn how to:

•  access, and facilitate from, your inner authority rather than a memorized set of “how-to’s”
•  quickly and easily engage participants
•  be at ease shifting your agenda in real time to meet what’s really happening in the room
•  use the group to help co-create your way out of “mistakes” into what’s most useful and alive for them
•  draw forth the energy, passion, and assets of your participants - and keep them engaged
•  cultivate the mindset and "heart-set" for using creative approaches
•  create a safe, vibrant and receptive learning environment while reducing resistance - yours and theirs
•  create or modify activities for the particular group and learning objectives (coaching session)

We’ll explore lively pre-workshop rituals to prepare yourself to be creative, agile and adaptive in the room; and principles and practices for creative engagement in your workshop facilitation and design.

Please note: This workshop is not an intro to facilitation - it is for those who already have facilitation and workshop design basics. It is also not about getting a “toolbox” of creative activities to use with participants - it is about being as much as doing. You will learn lots of activities, but the workshop is focused more on YOU as being an awesome creativity catalyst -
with foundational experiences to shift your inner game.
The activities will be mainly customized and/or created in your coaching sessions. You’ll get to practice creating your own original activities or modifying existing ones in ways that are unique, effective, and relevant for you...and meet your participant's objectives!

Leave with:

•  processes and principles for actualizing your creativity on an ongoing basis
•  increased comfort, confidence and ease thinking and creating on your feet in real time
   and increased resilience in the face of the unexpected
•  approaches to increase participant engagement quickly and easily
•  and....a new group of friends, colleagues and potential collaborators
•  techniques and practices to use beyond the workshop setting to create your original content
   (coaching session)

Details: Saturday, May 27. 9:30am-4:00pm. At the Center for Movement Theatre, conveniently located at 4321 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Washington, DC (entrance on Windom Place). Coaching ssessions scheduled individally.


Workshop with Coaching: $297. Last day to register May 25.
(This includes 70% off the regular coaching rate. This discount rate is only offered here up front as part of the program.)

Workshop only option:
$197. Last day to register is May 25.

Groups that co-create together in a fun, safe space tend to bond quickly - and people bond in these workshops! This is from a few of the last year’s workshop participants:

"Thank you for an information-packed, fun-filled Saturday." ~ M.C.
"Thank each of you for the gift you brought to today's session and shared with so much abundance and creative abandon.
 I thoroughly enjoyed myself  and really learnt lots!" ~ A. K.
"Thanks for bringing us together in such a fun, stimulating way!' ~ M.R.
"Thanks for an inspiring workshop." ~ M.S.
"It was a pleasure and lovely mix of energy in the room. Thank you for a wonderful learning experience." ~ J.G.
"What a huge gift! Thank each of you for showing up with such love, openness and vulnerability." ~ C.G.

To Sign Up:  Click the "Pay Now" button for online credit card payment OR email info@creativeemergence.com for mailing information to send a check.

Workshop with Coaching: $297

Workshop only: $197

Questions? Call Michelle at 434-995-5077 or send an email to info@creativeemergence.com

Designed and facilitated by Michelle James, CEO of The Center for Creative Emergence. This workshop is based on discoveries and learnings from two decades of studying, facilitating and designing Applied Creativity, Improvisation, and Storytelling workshops for individuals, teams and organizations including Microsoft, Panasonic, Dominos, John Deere, Kaiser Permanente, PBS, Deloitte, Geico, World Bank, Center for Nonprofit Advancement, NIH, Association of Performing Arts Presenters, Search for Common Ground, Clean Air Institute and many others  (see client page). Michelle serves as adjunct faculty for the Federal Executive Institute, where she leads ongoing applied improvisation and creativity workshops for agency leaders and policy makers. She also coaches entrepreneurs, consultants, and facilitators in using their creativity to design their original approaches, products, services, and activities (see bio page). She integrates whole-brain, arts-based, highly experiential (and fun!) learning with a grounded, practical framework into every workshop.