Creativity for Wellness

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Unlocking Somatic Intelligence through Creativity

Full-Day and 4-Week Programs Available

The body is a self-organizing system and we can help it organize into greater health. The journey to wellness can be conscious and purposeful. Using your unique creativity, you can rekindle the flame of your life energy, reconnect with your inner healing wisdom, and remember the fun of expressing your natural creativity which allows you to become a conscious participant in your wellness process. Life becomes more integrated: connections are made, insights are born, and meaning emerges. Through whole-brain, whole-body, whole-being creating, you begin to find and communicate with your authentic voice, move more freely, intuit more deeply, and heal more passionately.

Creativity for Wellness workshops unleash the fun part of coming home to the healthy self. Creativity enhancing activities and techniques; movement, music and the expressive arts; ritual, myth, metaphor, meditation and imagery; improvisation, exploration and discovery; bodywork; and the integration of creative process with wellness is used to support participants in:

• Connecting with your Inner Healer to create new levels of health
• Recapturing the spirit of play and spontaneity in the body
• Enlarging your understanding of your relationship to your body
• Creating new visions that stem from wellness, and integrating them into your system
• Overcoming blocks to creativity and life energy

Everyone’s body has a voice which sounds much different from the stories our mind has created about what is going on in our bodies. This workshop will help people begin to discern the difference and reconnect with their body's wisdom - the part that inherently knows exactly what it needs to heal.

Note: This program is not meant to take the place of medical treatment, but rather as a complement what you are already doing.

For More Information

To bring this program into your organization or for more information, email michelle_at_creativeemergence.com

Michelle's Wellness Story

In the late eighties, I was in a car accident and endured a broken jaw and structural injuries that impacted my movement, which led to years of exploring different healing methodologies - both conventional and alternative. Then in the late nineties, I developed an autoimmune system breakdown that impacted my joints and made every movement painful.

My journey to wellness took me down myriad experiential pathways, including a 5-year CoreSomatics® Movement and Bodywork certification, eventually becoming a Master Practitioner. (CoreSomatics® is an integrative psycho-physical healing modality informed by the Feldenkrais Method, the Alexander Technique, Depth and Gestalt Psychologies, and the expressive arts).

I came to wellness through integrative disciplines, somatic intuition, organic movement, yoga, and most significantly, creative process. The practitioners at the medical center where I had received treatment wondered why I was healing more quickly than their other patients who were following a similar protocol. When I told them of the creative process work I was doing, they asked me to develop a course to give to their patients. That is how the Creativity for Wellness program was born.

I now move more freely and easily than even before the accident. As a result of my wellness path, I have been able to help those I work with come back home into their own bodies. I have done this workshop for people with life threatening illnesses, those with more minor aches, and others who were physically healthy but had feelings of mind-body disconnection. The similarity between them was their readiness to learn to access the language of their body and use it. Creative Process is a life-giving, engaging way to do it.

What Participants Say

"This course offered so many new experiences and ways to change and start moving in new creative healing patterns. The process gave me a burst of new energy and hope. I can't imagine having gone through surgery without it. Doctors have been impressed at how well the scars look. I love the feeling of growing strength and wellness. I often think of this course. It was a BIG help through surgeries and radiation. Thank you!"  > Susan Patterson

>>> "I had a blast - and I'm still smiling and invigorated from our work and your leadership. I told my chemo nurses today about you and my experience at the Creativity for Wellness  workshop. They want more information..."  > Annie Shaw

>>>"Many thanks for leading all of us on a journey towards healing. I left with some amazing revelations about my own healing process, and some creative ways to further my good health."  > Sharon Forrence

>>> "In my healing process and personal wellness work, my goal is to integrate mind, body and spirit. I see it as a primary responsibility to myself to become more aware of information and messages such as these coming from my body. And then to take necessary action. Coming from an academic rather than an holistic background, I needed to learn just how to develop practical rather than theoretical skills, which is where I found Michelle's workshop extremely helpful. With skillful facilitation, Michelle guided us in accessing the body's wisdom. That a single, action-packed, entertaining day should have accomplished so much is a tribute to Michelle's program design and delivery." > Ruth Riddick