Creative Emergence Coaching

• For Life, Work, and Business
• For Personal and Professional Development
• For Facilitating Creativity in Others


Who Are Our Clients?     HolisticGen.jpg

•  Entrepreneurs who want to develop their signature approach, products and services;
structure a passion-centered, income-generating business
•  Leaders
who want to draw out and focus the creativity and innovation of their team
•  Visionaries with many seemingly unrelated aspects of their work and talents who seek to unify them into a coherent whole;
discover and develop their "core offering"
•  Facilitators and Trainers who want to bring out their creativity in facilitation and workshop design, and the creativity of their participants
who want to co-create and optimize their collective creative intelligence 

New Approaches and Core Principles lead to new Ways of Being...
which lead to new Insights, Awarenesses and Thinking...
which lead to new Options, Strategies and Behaviors...
which lead to life-giving new Choices, Solutions and Outcomes.

Creative Emergence Coaching is a whole-brain, whole-person integrative process for creative breakthroughs
. It integrates principles of emergence with right and left brain approaches, planning and improvisation, reflection and action, being and doing, knowledge and discovery, analysis and expression, intuition and logic, strategy and improvisation, and business goals with personal passion.

Creative Emergence Coaching is based on our Principles and Practices of Creative Emergencecombined with YOUR unique creativity. The process is a very organic and flexible process, containing concrete and practical approaches as well as creative and intuitive ones. We help you partner with your internal "Creative Source" - that inner wellspring containing your creative potential, your gifts and your signature expression - to create what's next in your work or business. It is based on the knowledge that by using whole-system, whole-person, whole-brain creativity you:

• Get deeper and more surprising solutions than with just left-brain thinking alone
• Quickly access deep layers of your potential and understand big picture patterns
• Discover new and often surprising solutions to both old and new situations
• Work within the larger context, not just isolated parts
• Can apply the results immediately to your work
• Feel a sense of connection to something larger than yourself
• Experience an aliveness and excitement from bringing something that is uniquely yours into the world.

I. Creative Emergence Coaching for Entrepreneurs

• Use the creative resources within you to inform new work directions, structures,
  strategies, projects, products, service...and your UNIQUE "signature" approach
• Discover, design, and develop what's next in your work
• Unleash purposeful, meaning-centered work
• Cultivate new dimensions of your creativity
• Focus your creative intelligence in meaningful, practical and relevant ways

Uncover and design your unique "signature" offerings and approach
• Learn to use uncertainty and the unknown as a resource
• Develop a solid, structured framework of what you have to offer
• Open up new avenues in your work environment or your consulting practice
• Draw forth the energy, passion, and commitment already within you
• Generate more creative, immediately applicable options or choices
• Develop more clarity, integration and direction; focus all of your great ideas
• Activate your imagination and intuition; transform creative blocks
• Achieve new and surprising results
• Awaken and partner with your Creative Self!

II. Creativity Coaching for Organizational Leaders and Teams

• Breakthrough thinking, innovation, inspired action and outcomes
• Drawing out engagement, passion, innovative ideas and solutions from yourself
  and your employees
• Developing specific creative thinking skills and abilities
• Dealing with resistance and fears associated with creativity and change
• Getting buy-in for innovative initiatives and new thinking
• Increased productivity; less time wasted in meetings
• Increased originality and adaptability in problem solving and vision creating
• Increased employee job engagement and enjoyment
• Moving through resistance to change
• New and different relevant solutions

• More meaning, engagement and enjoyment in work
• Increased enthusiasm and confidence in dealing with workplace challenges
• More purposeful choices and options
• A sense of contribution and accomplishment
• A feeling of aliveness - infused by passion + creativity + contribution

III. Creative Facilitation Coaching for Facilitators

For facilitators who wants to generate novel ideas and activities for your next event; create compelling content and engaging, alive workshops; bring more of your unique creativity into your workshop design or delivery in a grounded way that meets the groups objectives; brings out your participants' creativity (and move past their resistance to creative activities); and learn how to easily modify your existing activities, as well as create new ones. We often work with an actual facilitation/design project, workshop, or event you have, and customize the approach and activities for the specific event. You can already have most of it it designed, and just need some tweaking, or none of it designed and need a larger structure. These are stand-alone sessions, and can be anywhere from 45-minutes to 2-hours. We also offer public Creative Facilitation workshops.

Clients have included people in the arts, government, corportations, and nonprofits; entrepreneurs, coaches, facilitators, educators, consultants, leaders, psychologists, therapists, trainers, healers, people in between jobs, and others. The common denominator is the desire for a deeper level creative integration, meaning, and passion expressed within your work. It requires a commitment to greater depth, growth and change; and a willingness to let go of limiting notions and beliefs about your own creative potential - and about what creativity means - regardless if you work for yourself or a company.

Michelle James has coached hundreds of people in the past 22 years, helping them form and structure their aliveness, uniqueness and creative potential into an income-generating business; or bring more creativity, aliveness and innovation into their existing work.

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What They Say

>>> "Michelle's process helped me uncover issues that were blocking my productivity and the emotional baggage behind them. As a result, the commitment I have to my goals is incredibly high and to implementing the solutions. I've developed successful new products and services as a result of our work together, and refer others to her because I know that she will do a masterful job of helping them draw out their best ideas and most creative self."  > Jim Smith, The Executive Happiness Coach 

>>> "I found Michelle's Process to be energizing, liberating, intriguing and honoring. First, to bring to conscious awareness the person's own unique creative process, and then enter a world where people design their work and life to fit the Flow of their own now-systematized creativity is both liberating and energizing. Michelle's Process is honoring, respectful and—leading to real world, practical results. And it's a LOT of fun!"  > "Curious George" Copsey, President, Realistic Solutions

>>> "Thanks for being such a wonderful mentor/coach. Your process is truly amazing! It is remarkable to feel so solidly on the right path. I feel a clarity of mind that I would not have had without working with you."  > Susan Kuhn, Consultant and Author

>>> "What you do is priceless - you take a person's hand and help them find their own aliveness - and thereby their own life. There is no price to that."  > Linda Rivera, President, Peace Through Travel

>>> "Thank you so much for the help you gave me framing out my next steps—especially ways to communicate a big vision to different audiences with different needs and goals." > Jamie Wheal, Senior Consultant, Stagen

>>> "I now enjoy doing the things I used to find daunting and draining. Instead of avoiding them, I do them. The emergence process helps even the mundane aspects of the creative process sparkle and come to life." > Alexis Outerbridge, Clinical Social Worker

>>> "I was struck by Michelle's sincerity and compassion in helping people realize what they already know about themselves. I revealed to myself ways I could use so much more of my creative abilities than what I was doing."  > Peter Colwell, Professional Speaker, Author of Spell SUCCESS in Your Life: A Road Map for Achieving Your Goals and Surviving Success

>>> "I was feeling out of alignment with what I should be doing with my work based on who I am. Michelle’s process helped bring clarity with support and understanding. As a result, I became clear on the direction I wanted to take. Things have fallen into place with my new business, and I already have several clients."  > Cheryl Harlan, Artist and Educator

>>> "With Michelle's coaching, I developed a greater flexibility between me and myself to open up my creative channel." > Mitchel Groter,  Business and Leadership Coach/Media Solutions Consultant

>>> "I honor you for being such a kind and gentle leader. You have fought through enough brick walls to empower the others who are called to do so."  > Ann Bracken, President, The Possibility Project