Creativity for Corporate Wellness

Creative ways to remain productive, focused and motivated during challenging times

We live in times with levels of uncertainty we have never faced before. This has caused an influx of stress-related performance issue on the job. High levels of sustained stress cause changes in sleep habits, frequent feelings of anxiety and fear, reduction in problems solving acuity, problems with concentration, low energy, feeling scattered, emotional outbursts or withdrawal and difficulty making decisions. These feelings get in the way of productivity, contribution, attendance, participation and intelligent decision-making.

This program offers an opportunity to find new, creative ways of dealing with these situations. It presents a process to address the needs of employees, managers, and leaders of all levels who are worried, overwhelmed and filled with anxiety. The program is designed as an adaptive strategy to meet the needs of the whole person. 

Participants practice practical and creative techniques for addressing the wide spectrum of stress-inducing experiences. This process "jump-starts" an individual’s coping and problem-solving abilities, creative output and feelings of well-being.  It seeks to stimulate healthy, adaptive functioning to a chaotic, unpredictable world and to transform fear and stress into productive, creative, functional energy.


•  Prepare participants for dealing effectively with uncertainty, ambiguity and change
•  Introduce participants to a process and tools they can use on the job
•  Offer practical and creative techniques for handling new problems in new ways
•  Help enable employees to use stress as an opportunity for growth


•  Increased and more focused productivity
•  More efficient use of time
•  Less sick leave
•  More confidence in dealing with change
•  More effective and timely decision making
•  Enhanced job satisfaction
•  More effective and innovative problem solving strategies
•  Increased team participation