Creating with Purpose Immersion Program

New Foundations for Creating and Producing What's Next in an Uncertain World
Using Whole-Brain, Whole-Self (mind, body, heart, soul) Creativity
9-Week Immersion Deep-dive into Creating from the Inside-Out With Meaning, Purpose, and Heart
for Actions & Outcomes to Meet the Needs of Today's World - and Your Own!

Discover, Design, and Develop What’s Next in Your Work, Cause, or Mission.
This is a program for birthing something new and meaningful into the world.

Where Purpose, Creativity, and Serving a Greater Good Meet
The world is in trauma and deep need. And has immense opportunity. There is no one-size-fits-all program or solution for the multi-layered challenges. All of us can only do our part, but if enough of us do, positve change can happen. This program is not in place of other programs and healing modalities..This program is a Yes-And (to use an improv term) to whatever else you are doing to navigate these uncertain times. This program focuses on a particluar part of the healing and creating process - becoming a conscious creative contributor to a more kind, humane, resilient, hopeful future through purpose.
People with a strong sense of purpose see options and find opportunities. The internal sense of purpose and meaning anchors us to better weather external storms and take positve action. When we feel connected to what's ours to do - what we are uniquely designed to do - it acts like a compass in a volatile storm or uncertain fog. It's not certainty that gives us security in the unknown, but meaning, resilience, and resourcefulness. This program focuses on strengthening your inner compass, being intentionally directed, and producing something tangible and actionable from it (even if you have no idea what that will be when we start).
New Foundations: Using Transformational Creative Principles, Frameworks, and Practices

In this workshop, we will explore and experience some of the foundations - constructs, frameworks, ways of being, and principles - that establish the conditions for purposeful creativity to emerge. We'll use creative whole-brain, whole-being-engagement approaches, and actualize our unique Inner Creator, to craft and carry out what we're called to create and contribute. This is about embodying the ways of thinking and being to draw it out into the world - working from you heart to help heal this fractured world, and have a part on co-creating a more live-able world.

Use the Creative Resources within you to Create New Directions, Offerings, Products,
Services, Workshops, Programs, Thought
Leadership, or a new Business or Mission

Who is this for?

Entrepreneurs, leaders, educators, coaches, consultants, change-makers, healers, creators, pioneers, social transformers, and anyone who wants to contribute and create a more humane, life-giving what's next. This is an intensive immersion program. It is for those who are truly committed to themselves and their process, and to showing up for each other in a safe, supportive space. And, for those who want to move beyond flight-flight-freeze into conscious creation and contribution.

•  You want to purposefully create what's next in your work/business, cause, or mission
•  You were clear before, but now feel a little like a deer in the headlights
•  You have a sense about what you'd like to do, but need it further fleshed out

•  You want to do something that matters to you and serves others

•  You know what you want to do, but feel inner "blocks" or fears around it

•  You want to re-fuel, re-charge, re-new, and re-connect to your apiration, inspiration, and resilience
•  You want to develop your signature process and offerings
•  You have a sense of purpose, but not sure how to move forward with it
•  You want to carry out your work/mission in a way that fits who YOU uniquely are

•  You want to bring more of your hopeful energy amidst the chaos
•  You want to actualize your unique creativity in your work/calling/mission
•  You want to find a peaceful inner creative sanctuary within you
•  You want to move beyond self-imposed limitations about what’s possible
•  You're seeking what is yours to do here, now, and in what's next
•  You want to move forward authentically and with confidence
•  You want to cultivate and apply your gifts, skills, talents and experiences toward something purposeful

The Exploration and Experience

It's so important to take care of and ground yourself - taking "your own oxygen" as you discover your ways to support and contribute to others from a centered place. This deep-dive program focuses on both your inner landscape (ways of being) and your external expression (ways of doing). It contains a balance of left and right brain activities, crafting and emerging, thinking and being, reflection and action, and structure and flow, and mind/body/heart/soul creativity.
We’ll use the Creative Emergence Process with an integration of storytelling, improv, the arts, imagination, imagination, movement, body-centered practices, reflection tools, ritual, depth psychology/archetypes/mythology, systems thinking, and other creative thinking approaches. By working on releasing what no longer serves, creating new foundations, and expanding what is most generative, the external expression of our work and purpose change.

Leave with:

The next evolution of your work/business, personal project, approach, product, service, process, offering, program, concept, model, strategy, pracitcal next steps, etc.
• Asense of purposefulness and meaningful contribution
• A self-designed structure for applying your unique gifts, skills, experiences and talents toward something that inspires you - work, cause, mission
• Practices to use beyond the workshop setting to stay in your creative flow and continue the journey

Program Structure

This is a 9-week immersion program from August 28th through October 30th. We will meet 5 times for 3 hours each time as a group, every 2 weeks (except during the coaching weeks). In between meetings, there will be very short creative assignments and daily practices, customized for you own process (and time you have), and building upon what we do in the previous session. One one 90-minute personal Creative Emergence Coaching session ($250 value) to support and focus the work you are doing in the program.

This program is limited to a small, intimate group for maximum attention for each participant and increased connection betwen participants.


Five 3-hour virtual interactive workshops with the group, each building on the one before.
  (there are super engaging, creative, and interactive - not lecture format - we will take 2 short breaks)
• One 90-minute personal Creative Emergence coaching session 
($250 value)
• A course materials and resources list (for various creative projects we'll do)
• Engaging whole-brain and somatic assignments and practices to do in between workshops (personalized for you)
• A suportive, safe group with ongoing support throughout the program
Bonus 2-hour Follow-up Integration Session


When: 5 Fridays, over the course of 9 weeks – 1:00pm to 4:00pm EDT (10:00-1:00 PST).

A couple things to know:
You will get the Zoom link after registration. Please use a lap top or desk top each session so you can see everyone and everyone can see you the whole time - like in onsite workshops.
Money-back guarantee! If you show up and engage each session, and do the creative take-home activities and pattern-breaking practices, noticeable movement, progress, and positive change will happen (or you get your money back)

Questions? Call 434-995-5077 or email michelle@creativeemergence.com anytime!

Registration for Fall 2020 is now closed.
Email me to get on the list for the next one.