Creative Thinking Program

This program can be customized to be anywhere from 2 days to 6 months.


To bring innovation, improvisation and creative thinking into a team or organization

Approach and Deliverables

A combination of skill development training, real-time process facilitation, team and individual coaching, and interviews.  This program includes:

A repeatable Creative Thinking Process that can be used by the different teams
Creative thinking best practices, tools and techniques for individuals and teams
Proven experiential and improvisational methods for creative collaboration
Improvisation experiences that help with group presentations and thinking on one’s feet
The Creative Thinking Workbook with exercises and activities

Since creative thinking occurs through direct experience, the group sessions are highly experiential, with a variety of diverse activities for all learning styles. Included is some lecture and discussion to ground the understanding. This program focuses on learning, creativity, fun, risk taking, collaboration, adding on to other’s ideas in generative ways, exploration, embracing "mistakes" as part of the process, new ways of interacting with each other and clients, and, to use a well-known principle of improv, "Making everyone else look good."


The Creative Solution Finding Process – a creative problem solving/solution generating process that can be applied to any situation
Divergent and convergent thinking – what they are; how and when to use them
The Creative Zone – what it is, how to get there and how to use it
Paradoxical characteristics of creative teams
Pattern breaking for innovative breakthroughs
The different creative thinking styles
Effective vs. ineffective brainstorming and ideation techniques
Shared agenda
Thinking on Your Feet
Principles and practices of highly co-creative teams (i.e., Yes And)
Maximizing and focusing the creative resources in the group
How to do more in less time using creativity methods
Criteria for evaluating ideas and determining which are useful
Reframing challenges into opportunities


A greater understanding of themselves and each other
Increased ability to think on your feet when under pressure
More confidence and ease when pitching and working with clients
Enhanced skills in collaboration and co-creation
Skill development in adapting to change, resilience, risk taking and team thinking
Increased creative and innovative behaviors
Principles that can be applied outside of the workshop setting