1. Creativity in Business: Discovery Dialogues - $17.00

Immersion course on MP3s! 16 hours of content-rich juiciness from 16 creativity and innovation thought leaders. List of presenters and description is at www.creativeemergence.com/discoverydialogues.html

Learn: • Ways to access and engage your creativity  • Creative work cultures, environments and spaces
• Conditions for something new and different to emerge  • Moving through creative blocks and navigating the unknown
• The discovery mindset  • Changing the discomfort of uncertainty into the joy of discovery
• Cultivating more passion and engagement in your work 
• Facilitating creative process 
• The use of whole brain methods – including applied storytelling, improvisation, performance, movement,
   arts-based learning and visual thinking – for better business results
• Applying what you discover to create something new in your work or workplace
• And much more!


2. Creativity in Business ebook - $9.97



Navigating the New Work Paradigm: 32 Creativity and Innovation Leaders Explore Applied Creativity

This book contains 32 Interviews with Creativity and Innovation Thought Leaders. Each interview includes a “Making it Real” section with applied practices. 97 pages of original ideas and applications for applied creativity at work from 32 pioneers who make a living doing it!

"This book is a gold mine!" ~ Julie Gabrielli           
"Great work. Very thoughtful and useful information." ~ Bob Devlin       
"Great book. Fantastic bite sized inspirations." ~ Peter Frampton         
"Fabulous book!!" ~ Jindra Cekan
"It's inspirational and pragmatic -- good stuff." ~ Gregg Fraley
"A very high value eBook on Creativity in Business." ~ Halelly Azulay         
"This rocks!!!" ~ Michael Margolis

 "Marvelous resource." ~ Helene Sugarman
"Outstanding e-book on using creativity to generate excellence in your business." ~ Susan Kuhn
"If you're interested in different approaches to Creativity in business this is a good eBook to have." ~ Mike Bonifer


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