Your Creative Self Workshop

Unleash and engage your natural creativity in all areas of your life

This intensive six-week workshop explores ways and offers techniques to help unleash your creativity in a fun, supportive, and interactive environment.  We'll explore how you can use more of your natural gifts, skills, and talents effectively in your work and life; use techniques for activating your creative imagination, creative problem solving, decision making, and innovating; and discover how to tap into more of your creative self consistently. The highly experiential format includes games, exercises, lecture, improvisation, a workbook and unique projects...and practices to take home with you to deepen your reltionship with your creative self.  The classes and assignments in between classes are designed to get the answers and ideas from your OWN creative source, rather than have them imposed from the outside. We simply provide the environment and structure where those answers can emerge.

You will learn and discover:

• how you create and different creating styles

• how you are already amazingly creative

•­ multi-dimensional thinking and (for) achieving goals

•­ creative thinking/problem solving techniques

• integrating your creativity in all areas of work and life

•­ tapping into your unique talents and skills

• using creativity in communicating

•­ how to generate ideas/opportunities 

• how to choose wisely from those ideas/opportunities

• your own unique ways of creative expression

Within six weeks, you will be more attuned to your natural creativity and feel more confident in expressing it. You will have experienced the joys of and benefits from unleashing your unique creative power.

In this workshop you will experience:

• designing your creativity model based on your unique creative style

• identifying and releasing your own blocks to creativity

• designing and complete your personal creativity project in keeping with your goals

• being supported in your goals - and in the emergence of the unexpected

• various creativity generatiing and problem solving practices, tools and techniques

• whole systems thinking - "creating algined with self, others and the whole"

• determining next steps for your creative development

• having FUN creating in real time, not just talking about it