Co- Creating, Creative Team Building, and Group Creativity

Creativity is increasingly being recognized as the most valuable leadership skill. Creative Thinking and Co-Creativity rely on breaking habitual patterns, trying new things, exploring, discovering, and taking informed risks. In this dynamic and fun 2-day workshop, participants will experience this through compelling Creative Thinking and Team Building practices, tools and techniques for individuals and groups; engaging experiential methods for collaboration and co-creation; and applying creative process to determine their team work project.

The focus is on getting to know each other better; defining team projects and establishing teams; strategizing initial next steps; building on other’s ideas in generative ways; principles of co-creation; taking safe risks, developing trust and synergy; and, to use a well-known principle of improvisation, "Making everyone else look good."

In this workshop, participants will learn and experience:

• Principles and practices of Creative Thinking and Co-Creation
• Focused Team Building Approaches and Activities for enhanced trust
  and collaboration
• The AIIM Creative Solution Finding Process – a repeatable process
• Divergent and Convergent thinking – when and how to use them
• Approaches for interacting with each other to generate a freer exploration
  of ideas for more novel ideas; methods for building on other’s ideas.

• Paradoxical characteristics of creative teams
• Pattern breaking for innovative breakthroughs
• Different creative thinking styles
• Improvising on your feet and Applied Storytelling
• Taking “safe risks”
• The Creative Zone - what it is and how to get there

Participants will leave with:

• Your teams determined; your projects defined and named
• Your initial next steps defined
• A greater understanding of yourself, each other and your projects
• Increased ability to think on your feet by yourself and with others
• Enhanced skills in collaboration and co-creation with partners and groups
• Skill development in adapting when under pressure, resilience, informed
  risk taking and team thinking
• Feeling more comfortable working together as a team; more comfortable
  putting your ideas out there and being spontaneous.

• Increased creative and innovative behaviors
• Principles and practices that can be applied outside of the workshop setting
  to work together as a group more creatively and cohesively