Your Creatively Alive Body

The good news is that we are never too old or out of shape for a body that is energized, alive and vibrant. In this dynamic session, we will explore how we are naturally designed to move - before we get socialized out of it - and how we can re-access our somatic (body) intelligence, playfulness and organic movement at any age. In this workshop, you will experience fun and easy-to-do creativity and somatic practices to help you instantly feel increased energy, greater ease of movement, and more joyfulness and “flow” in your body. Moving differently also leads to more creative thinking and more options and choices. Whether you’re 20 or 80, in shape or out of shape, join us for an engaging session to reconnect with your body’s wisdom, creativity and aliveness. Creative Process with dynamic movement is a life-giving way to engage the body's aliveness! You’ll leave with some techniques you can practice at home.

Led by Michelle James, CEO of The Center for Creative Emergence and developer of The Creative Body Series. Michelle's journey took her down myriad experiential pathways, including a 5-year CoreSomatics® Movement and Bodywork certification, eventually becoming a Master Practitioner. (CoreSomatics® is an integrative psycho-physical healing modality informed by the Feldenkrais Method, the Alexander Technique, Depth and Gestalt Psychologies, and the expressive arts) Also informing this program is many years of yoga and other body-centered and intuitive practices, 15 years of improv theater, and 18 years of working with and multiple dimensions of creative process with thousands of people - both as a creator and a facilitator. Michelle also offers private sessions through her creativity coaching practice.
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"Beautifully facilitated by Michelle James. Great exploration into the body, and out of the mind."
>  Barra Kahn, Participant in the June 2013 workshop

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