Improv for the Spirit

Improv is a great way to deepen our understanding of ourselves while having  fun. We can laugh with others as we learn more about ourselves. We've been trained, traumatized and socialized out of the natural spontaneity of our spirit. Improv takes us out of our habitual interactions, time frames, structures and ways of being and delivers us back into the fully alive Now.  Learning to feel comfortable in the unplanned flow - to let go of controls and judgments and surrender to the moment - opens us up to our inner creative wellspring and nurtures our spirit. In this highly interactive session, we will experience using improvisational theater techniques and movement for:

•  new levels of awareness and expression
  cultivating trust and openness
  thinking and responding spontaneously
  making peace with your inner critic
  breaking from competition or perfectionism
  laughing and releasing tension
  bonding with other creative souls
  having a good time in a supportive environment