Integral Leadership in an Emergent World

Applying Integral Theory and Creative Emergence to Leadership Development

Leaders can best navigate in a world that is complex when their organizing framework and principles are sufficiently robust to make sense of it all. Equally important is the capacity to continuously invent in a world that is fundamentally emergent – calling for new approaches, new thinking and new ways of being. This experiential workshop combines the breakthrough thinking of Creative Emergence with the comprehensive worldview of Integral Theory to create unprecedented possibilities for today’s leaders.

Our basic approach is rooted in the notion that the sweeping and revolutionary insights of Integral Theory are not a template to be laid down on top of individuals and organizations, but instead are a framework for exploration and discovery of that which is emerging in each of us separately and collectively. 

In this content-rich and interactive workshop participants will go below the surface on a journey of experiential discovery of what it means to be an embodied integral leader in today's multifaceted, ever-emergent world. This workshop is an opportunity to engage the approaches, principles and practices of integral theory and creative emergence into purposeful action...and for achieving next-level results.

Who should attend

This workshop is for Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, Coaches, Trainers, Consultants, Changemakers, Managers - anyone who influences others as a component of their work.

What we cover

Through a series of innovative experiential processes, we will explore how the broad framework of Integral Theory and the principles of Creative Emergence can be used by leaders to create breakthroughs in the workplace. In our processes, you will explore how to apply focused creativity and embodied co-creation – in the organizing framework of Integral Theory – to the professional and organizational challenges you, and your clients, face.


As a result of participating in this course you will emerge with:
• Basic tools needed to start creating breakthroughs in your work, organization and life
• A deeper understanding of how to apply Integral Theory to your work
• A deeper connection to yourself and an expanded perception of leadership
• A transformed understanding of the context in which you are called to lead
• An embodied experience of different dimensions of Integral Theory
• A jump start on discovering your own creative solutions to your every day challenges

This workshop is designed and delivered by Michelle James, CEO of The Center for Creative Emergence, and Dr. Tom Goddard, President of The Integral Company and founding member of the Integral Institute.

What Participants Say

>>> "The exercises used during the Integral Leadership workshop really helped bring the AQAL and Spiral Dynamics theory to life for me. I now have some clear ideas on how to apply these theories directly to my work with organizations and leaders."  > Stephanie Davidson, CEO, Wellspring Consulting.

>>> You succeeded in taking some very intellectual linear concepts of Ken Wilbur and taught them to us by incorporating and demonstrating the basic principles of creativity and its relationship to emergence and working with the unknown...quite an innovative undertaking...challenging, fun, and creative. I feel very honored to have been a part of the merging of two ‘leaders’ with such fine minds and hearts".  > Jameela Joseph, LCSW

>>> "This workshop was wonderful! Right from the start, we took a swan dive into creative approaches to being, learning, growing, and leading. The time flew and I was thrilled to take in so much new information and experience without one moment of the misery of 'working'. Playing was much more fun and productive! I gained fresh perspectives and new, helpful insights by exploring different approaches to understanding myself and others. Michelle and Tom are a great team."  > Nicole Oxendine, WiseWoman Consulting