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  Creative Solution Finding: The AIIM Process
•  Whole Brain Thinking in Business 

•  Interviewed by Creativity & Culture Conference
•  Interviewed by Creative Courage Summit
•  Interviewed by TalentGrown Show on creativity in business
•  Interviewed by the Conscious Software Development Telesummit on Whole Brain Thinking and Applied Improvisation
  Interviewed by Heart of it All radio station on Applied Creativity and Play
  Guest on the What Wize Women Want television show discussing creativity and intelligence
•  Interviewed by Holistic Fashionsita Radio on unleashing your creativity
•  Interviewed by We Mean Business TV on creativity in business
•  Interviewed by Stories Sell Telesummit on crafting your emerging story
•  Interviewed by Evolve2012 Initiative telesummit on creativity and the new work paradigm
•  Interviewed by Evolutionary Biz for World Changers telesummit on bringing your Creative Self to work
•  Interviewed by Thrivable.net on the Yin and Yang of Creative Emergence
•  Interviewed by CoCreating Radio Show
•  Interviewed by Dose of Creativity blog for Creator Series
•  On Social Media & Creativity panel for DC Social Media Examiner 
•  Interviewed by CareerBuzz radio on creativity as business
•  Contributor to Visionary Leadership chapter in the book, Evolutionary Work
•  Interviewed by Co-Creator Radio Network on creativity in business
•  Interviewed by Creative Liberty blog for Artist@Work Series
Named a Visionary Leader in the
Fast Company blog, Leading Change
•  Interviewed by Network Solutions blog, Solutions are Power, on Emergence Coaching and entrepreneurism
Interviewed by Get Intuit radio show on Creative Emergence in coaching 
•  Interviewed by WTOP Radio in Improv in the Government at www.federalnewsradio.com
•  Interviewed by Da Innovise Guys for Improv in Business podcast: dainnoviseguys.libsyn.com
•  Interviewed by Dreamspinner Communications for a Creativity in Business podcast
•  On Conscious Dialogues Panel hosted by Anita Pathik Law discussing the Evolution of Leadership
•  On Evolutionary Women Panel hosted by Anita Pathik Law discussing Conscious Creativity
•  On Convergence Panel talking about the integration of creativity and work
  Creativity for Wellness program featured on the television show, Artworks this Week
Contributed a chapter on Somatic Intelligence in the book, With Forgiveness
•  Contributed a chapter on Creative Emergence Coaching in the book, Profit, Passion and Partnerships