Practical Brilliance

Creative Problem Solving and Breakthrough Thinking in Everyday Work and Life

This is a unique opportunity to learn from one of the world's most prolific thinkers and published authors in the field of  creativity and creative problem solving, Dr. Win Wenger. Dr. Wenger is joining forces with CCE's Michelle James to bring you an exciting introductory workshop on Creative Problem Solving and Creative Solution Finding. This workshop will integrate the whole brain methods and teachings of Dr. Wenger with movement, story and improvisational techniques for a multi-sensory, embodied experience.

Creative thinking takes you on a enjoyable journey from yes-but to yes-and, analysis to generativity, closed-system to open-system thinking, one right answer many possible answers, left brain to whole brain, defending to exploring, utilizing to inventing, linear to associative, consuming to generating, being limited by what-is to creating what-can-be. It is integrative: convergent and divergent, vertical and lateral, logical and intuitive - the place where knowledge and imagination meet to generate dynamic, inclusive and surprising solutions.

Your brain is a powerful pattern maker. This workshop is designed to help you break out of limiting patterns and create more expansive ones as you learn skills for applying your imagination to your real-world challenges. New situations, problems, challenges and visions call for new solutions. New solutions require new approaches. New approaches are only reached through new ways of thinking - which happens by using the brain (and body) in diverse and novel ways. When you insert CPS processes into anything that you are already doing, you come up with more answers, novel answers, and answers more relevant and appropriate to your challenges. You experience results in real-time.

Who should attend

Leaders, executives, managers, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, changemakers, consultants, facilitators, coaches, business people, creatives, and anyone who wants to generate new solutions to old and new problems.

What we cover

In this workshop, you'll learn cutting edge tools and techniques, then put them to work on real issues in real time. You will explore easy-to-learn, easy-to-use whole brain methods for accessing deeper levels of creativity, inventiveness and innovation; framing accurate problem statements; accessible ways to move forward in any situation; and tools to access, recognize and use your natural creative abilities. You will experience techniques you can use anytime for improving solutions and opportunities; creating new visions and directions; and accomplishing your goals creatively.


•  Now solutions to old and new problems
•  Accessing and using more intelligence
•  Reduced blocks to creativity
•  Ability to see situations from a new, open perspective
•  Enhanced leadership and/or work performance
•  Increased capacity for creative leadership
•  Decisions made more quickly and easily
•  Increased confidence in accessing your intuition
•  One-dimensional thinking turned into a creative discovery process
•  Expanded choices and potential in any situation
•  More confidence in handling change and new challenges
•  More awareness of the creative potential in everyday work and life situations

This workshop is designed and delivered by Michelle James, CEO of The Center for Creative Emergence, and Dr. Win Wenger, world renowned creative thinking pioneer, Founder of  Project Renaissance and the Learning & Creativity Double Festivals.