The Power of Presence

A workshop for  leaders, facilitators, team members and anyone else who seeks to be more relaxed and effective in a group setting, and feel more at ease with being spontaneous.

Your ability to make things happen with others starts within yourself. The amount of your full self that you have to work with depends on how present you are, first to yourself and then to others. To be in a resourceful state is to be present, real and deeply alive to the moment as it is.

This workshop is about practicing and developing our innate, yet too often dormant, skill of presencing. Through experiential activities, improvisational theater techniques and practical exercises, which you can practice at home or work, we will develop aspects of this life-enhancing skill.

During the first part of the workshop we will deepen our ability to be present and grounded in our individual selves. In the second part of the workshop we will learn how to draw upon this inner connection to be more fully present in a group setting, connecting to and relating to others, and freeing ourselves to act more spontaneously in the moment.

A group of fully present people creates a field of immense creative potential. Depending on the group, this field of collective awareness can be almost palpable to anyone in the room. In the final part of the workshop we explore ways to free the natural expression of this creative potential.

This workshop is designed and delivered by Michelle James, CEO of The Center for Creative Emergence, and Harrison Snow, President of Team Building Associates and author of the book, The Soul of Facilitation.