A New Power Tool for Navigating Leadership and Life

Fast paced, complex times require a whole new set of tools to navigate them. Cognitive-only thinking only limits our capacity in any given situation. Resonance is both a competency and way of being in the world that allows you to be a more effective leader, partner, and innovator. Resonance goes beyond intuition - it is using logic and intuition together for more effective real-world outcomes.

Resonance is the ultimate time-saving tool in a complex world. With resonance, you can make decisions more efficiently, build a generative team culture and create team processes specific to your team, employ better strategies, hire more productively. This is about expanding the playing field of your decision-making process. It will help you make important decisions in the spur of the moment, see things from different perspectives, and quickly understand information.

Learn what resonance has to tell you. We will cover resonant leadership, resonant partnerships and resonant decision-making. You'll learn engaging resonance tools and techniques then put them to work in real time.

Who should attend

Leaders, executives, managers, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, changemakers, consultants, facilitators, influencers, connectors, business people and anyone who wants to learn how to access and use resonance in their work and life.

What we cover

In this workshop, you will explore of the value and power or resonance: learn and integrative model of resonance you can being applying right away; learn techniques to use at work and home to hone your resonance skills; and experience new methods and practices that allow you to access, recognize and use your natural resonance abilities including: 

•  The 5 Levels of Resonance - cognitive, intuitive, physical, emotional, energetic
    - and how to use them
•  The different between positive and negative resonance
•  Honing it on what resonates in any given situation, and what does not
•  The role energy plays in resonance
•  Weeding out that which is irrelevant or least resonant in any situation
•  Discerning your authentic resonant voice from either your hopes or fears
•  Using your body as a tool for intuitive or “gut" feelings, feedback and evaluation
•  Creating collective resonance – the conditions to generate it in others


•  Enhanced leadership performance
•  Decisions made more quickly and easily
•  Increased confidence in accessing your intuition
•  Increased self awareness and presence
•  Doing what's right out of resonance vs. what you think is right out of principle or habit
•  Either/or thinking turned into a creative discovery process
•  Expanded choices and potential in any situation
•  More confidence in handling surprises, changes, and new challenges
•  Stronger, more purposeful relationships with clients and peers
•  Knowing when you are on the “right track” in an innovative process
•  The ability to differentiate between urgent, important, worthwhile and non-significant
•  More authentic communicating and listening
•  Clear messages that maximize understanding
•  Action taken without over-analyzing or constraint by past behavior
•  Uncertainty and unpredictability used to your advantage
•  Effective decisions made with less concrete information

This workshop was co-created by Michelle James, CEO of The Center for Creative Emergence,
and Anita Law, CEO of Dare Dreamers and Founder of Power of My Way