Workshops, Programs and Retreats

• Organizational Programs
• Public Workshops, Retreats and Conference Sessions 
Professional Development Programs


• Creative Emergence Coaching for Entrepreneurs seeking to create their unique business
• Creativity in Business Coaching
for Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Teams
• Creativity Coaching for anyone looking to access his or her creative wellspring
  and live the Creative Life
• Creative Facilitation Coaching for Professional facilitators, trainers, leaders, educators


Emergence Consulting - where sound strategy meets the unpredictability of emergence.

Creative Process Facilitation

Facilitation of real-time sessions: ideation, solution finding, vision creating, product and service development, co-creative team dynamics and innovative processes.

Improvisation and scripted theater for leaps in thinking, interacting and innovating leading to inspired engagement and ground-breaking results. 

Speaking Engagements
and Event Presentations

We deliver a range of keynote presentations and custom training sessions. Our expertise runs the spectrum of Applied and Emergent Creativity.
Emergence Events

Our Emergence Events are  whole-brain thinking and "creating containers" with a focus on unleashing creativity for developing, shaping and emerging what's next.

Creativity in Business Conferences
Creativity Network Gatherings (In DC and Charlottesville)


We offer original products related to applied creativity, personal and professional growth, and the new paradigm of work.

Areas of Focus

• Creativity

• Creative Leadership

Emergent Strategy

Creative Work Cultures

Creativity Facilitation

Adaptive Change &

Creative Teams
  & Co-creation

Leader & Team
  Creativity Coaching

Emergent Structures

• Nonverbal Creativity
  (whole brain, somatic)
• Play, Fun, Aliveness,
  and the Creative Spirit