Creative Business Solutions Using your Somatic Intelligence

Engaging Your Body's Creativity for Generating Workable Visions, Ideas and Solutions

To create genuinely new business ideas, visions and solutions requires new thinking. To develop new thinking requires new approaches and accessing new dimensions of your intelligence. Research has proven that purposely focused embodiment, movement and somatic wisdom exponentially increase creative thinking. Use your body more creatively and you will use your brain more creatively.

In this dynamic, highly interactive - and FUN! - session, you will enter into multi-dimensional, non-habitual ways of engaging your business situations. Through an accelerated integration of movement, improv theater, unconventional storytelling, somatic awareness techniques and a creative discovery process, you will:

Generate new ideas to both old and new business situations
Make novel - and possibly surprising - connections
Unleash more creative energy and motivation
Move though perceived obstacles or limitations
Ground commitment into action through embodiment
Leave with some techniques you can practice on your own
Have fun with others in a safe environment